Bathroom wall mirrors Mercer island WA

Bathroom wall mirrors Mercer island WA

Mirrors in Mercer Island, WA

Decorative Mirrors
Mirrors are an easy way to add depth and energy to your living space. For example, adding a mirror opposite a window can flood a room with light; and placing a framed mirror above a mantel provides a focal point for a room. A mirror gallery wall, which can include framed and unframed mirrors of different shapes, sizes, and styles can create an eclectic effect. It’s also important to consider what is across from a mirror before placing it. Mirror glass comes in several colors including: silver, grey or bronze.
Mirrors come in many sizes which do not necessarily have to correspond to the size of the room, as a large mirror can make a small room look larger. Full length mirrors have long been used in bedrooms, restaurants, dance studios, and exercise rooms to make smaller areas seem larger.
A framed full-length mirror can be displayed on an easel or framed and hung. Due to the weight of these types of mirrors, you may want to consider having them professionally hung. Frames come in many shapes, design styles and colors and can be ordered to fit any size mirror.
A frameless mirror is typically attached to a wall using an adhesive, hardware, or combination of the two. It is also supported with a metal strip called a “J” strip or an “L” strip, so named because of the letters they resemble. Both types support the weight of the mirror, but the “L” strip provides a more frameless look, as no metal is visible on the front of the mirror glass.
Round or oval mirrors present a traditional look whether framed or unframed. The rounded edges of a round or oval mirror provide some curves which are a lovely juxtaposition to the straight lines of a dresser, chest, or entry table. In general, choose a mirror that is to 5/6 the width of the furniture it is hanging above.
When we picture frameless mirrors, we often picture the standard vanity mirror. But frameless mirrors are an incredibly versatile product that don’t have to be limited to the bathroom. Frameless mirrors can be cut to virtually any size and shape and can even be grouped to create a mirror gallery wall.
When a mirror is unframed, it should lie flush against the wall, for this reason it should be installed using a combination of adhesive and hardware as stated above.
When decorating with unframed mirrors, one might want to consider beveling along the edges to add a more finished look. Beveling can add depth and be customized in a variety of shapes and sizes with bevels ranging from to 2 inches.

Custom Mirror Frames

Custom fabricated mirror frames add a luxurious feel to any living space. The ideal piece can be created when decorating with framed mirrors because frame options vary so widely in color, style, and size.