Glass Fabricator Northwestern Industries Slashes More than 130 Jobs

The company has operated in Seattle since 1974 but was recently sold and is now closing down its Seattle plant

Northwestern Industries Inc. (NWI), a Seattle-based producer of fabricated glass products, plans to lay off 133 employees permanently starting in late February in the wake of NWI being sold to a Los Angeles glass fabricator.

NWI, founded in 1974, operates a 300,000-square-foot facility on a 7-acre site at 2500 W. Jameson Street just east of Discovery Park in Seattle as well as a 100,000-square-foot facility in Yuma, Arizona. NWI is owned by Tokyo-based Central Glass Co. Ltd.

Glasswerks, a full-service premier fabricator of architectural glass headquartered in California, has acquired the assets of Northwestern Industries [NWI], a subsidiary of Japan-based Central Glass Co. Ltd,” Glasswerks states in a press announcement. “… All management and personnel at the Yuma plant will remain onboard and the company will retain the NWI name and branding. This acquisition marks the latest investment as Glasswerks expands its reach and share in the western glass marketplace.”

NWI parent company Central Glass, however, will continue to own the NWI buildings and 7 acres of land in Seattle where the plant is located, which is valued at “north of $30 million,” according to a NWI spokesperson.

“Central Glass will continue to hold the real estate until it is sold,” the NWI spokesperson says. However, the Seattle plant operations are being shut down and 133 employees laid off as part of the closure.