Glass Service-Seattle

Glass Service-Seattle

Call Auto Glass Services Seattle mobile service location to schedule a mobile windshield repair at your home or business or anywhere in the King county area. If your windshield can not be safely repaired, our Seattle mobile service technician can replace the windshield. See below to help you determine if your windshield can be safely repaired or if it will need to be replaced.

Fix the chip before it is too late

Fixing a small chip now can save you the hassle and cost of replacing the entire windshield later.

Repairable Windshield / Windscreen Chips

A good rule of thumb in determining whether you can safely repair your windshield:

  1. The crack is smaller than a credit card

  2. The crack is not in the driver’s line of sight

  3. The crack does not go all the way through the glass

If the above is not true, you will need to get a quote for the replacement of the windshield.