Home Window Repair Services

Window sticking? Home window repair services? The windows in your home are an important structural and visual element. They’re also very susceptible to damage – whether it’s from harsh weather, worn-out components, or a wayward baseball. Our professional window services will repair (or replace) your windows as soon as possible to restore security and energy efficiency. If you need any home repair and maintenance services contact us now!

Our home glass window repair services apply to all types of windows, no matter the shape, size, or location.

  • Double-Pane Window Repair
  • Broken Window Repair
  • Window Frame Repair
  • Window Mechanism Repair

Double-Pane Window Repair

Moisture between the panes indicates a broken seal. This often comes with reduced energy efficiency and visibility. We’ll repair the seal or replace the entire IGU if needed.

Broken Window Repair

Broken glass or sash? Just won’t open? We can fix it!

Window Frame Repair

Rotten or damaged window frame? No problem. The wood and materials that hold windows in place can become damaged casement care if they are not sealed and protected.

Window Mechanism Repair

Modern windows, such as casement and awning windows, However, have moving parts that can easily become damaged. For locks, hinges, and crank levers, our experts can handle all window repair services.

Window Screen Repair

Was your screen damaged with your window? We can take care of that too. We can also repair large sliding screen doors. It’s amazing what a clean, new screen can do for your home.

Skylights, insulated glass, picture windows, and more –we can work on all types of windows. And it doesn’t stop at windows. When you call us, there’s no need to call other contractors. We can fix chipped paint on the exterior, hang window blinds, replace weather stripping, and more – we’re truly a one-stop-shop for all your home repair and maintenance needs. You can completely rely on us for all your window repair services.


We have nearly 150 locations across the US and Canada. Contact a glass expert to discuss your window repair project. Our window repair experts are skilled, accountable, and reliable. They get the job done right the first time, which is exactly why homeowners trust glassexpertwa not only for window repair services but for all their home repair and maintenance projects.


The only way to know for sure is to call your local window repair services expert to describe the damage. If we still aren’t sure, we’ll send one of our window repair experts to your home to assess the damage. We’re not selling windows, so you can count on us for an honest, unbiased assessment. If it turns out you do need a new window (or windows), we can replace your existing units with modern, energy-efficient windows.