How to Remove Sliding Shower Doors

If you ever wanted to remove sliding shower door for tubs in your bathroom and replace them with a new and stylish frameless sliding shower door, we can help you out. There can be a lot of reasons to remove the sliding shower glass door. Like it can leak and make the bathroom floor wet. It can collect mold and cause a smell in the bathroom. I get in the way when you want to give a bath to your kids. These are some significant problems, but if you change the sliding glass shower door with a new bathroom sliding glass door, all of these problems can get solved, and the frameless sliding glass door gives the bathroom a broader and more open look. The best part is that you have to clean the bathroom sliding glass shower doors with a glass cleaner, and the glass door frame can get mineral deposits on it. This feels very nasty, and they are complicated to clean as well.

Sliding Shower Door

So, with frameless, there is no problem with mineral depositing, and you don’t have to clean the sliding shower glass door enclosure very often. With Lowes sliding shower doors, there is always a fear of slipping in the tub and breaking the glass, but with frameless sliding doors, this problem gets solved because they come with support handles. You can use it as leverage when you slip. So, I’ll explain to you how to remove shower door. To do this process, you will need some essential tools and a little skill. This process is straightforward, and you can do it with just a little bit of determination.

What You Need for Removing Sliding Shower Doors:

  • Lubricant (WD-40)
  • Flathead or Philips Screwdriver
  • Scraper
  • Caulk Remover

Removing The Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

If you have all the tools and materials to complete the process and feel confident enough, we can start removing the frameless sliding shower doors. So, most of the sliding doors are fitted like sliding windows. You will have to grip the sides of the bathroom sliding doors and then push straight upwards. Then move the lower part of the sliding shower glass doors out of the railing and bring it down, and the door is out of the way. Now do the same thing for the second sliding shower glass door, push upwards, remove from the frame and bring it down. Now pick the glass shower doors one by one and put them in a safe place to have more room to work so we don’t damage the frameless sliding shower doors.

Removing The Frame

After removing the bathroom sliding doors, you need to remove the frame on which the doors were sliding. The sliding door shower enclosure frame is aluminum and is fixed in place with the hl pos some caulk and screws. And be careful sometimes the edges of the frame can be sharp and cut you so make sure to wear gloves or handle them with some cloth. Now, first of all, remove the screws. The screws have been sitting there for quite a long time so that they can be rusted from the inside. So first, apply some WD-40 and leave them there for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, get your screwdriver and start opening the screw of your black sliding shower door frame. Remove the screw carefully. You don’t want to snap the screw in half while it is in the frame. So, keep it slow and steady. And make sure to remove all of the screws because if you forget to remove a crew and try to pull the frame, it can bend easily. So, make sure to remove all of the screws.

Pulling Off the Frame

If you have removed all of the screws carefully and are ready to do the next step, remove it with some moving. Try to move the frame a little. Try to pull one side of the bathroom sliding door frame out if the frame carries a little. If you cannot pull it out, get your calk remover and apply it to the lower part of the frame. Wait for like 20 mins and come back to move the flame a little. If you can remove the first side of the sliding glass shower enclosure, then apply the same procedure to the other sides. To remove all of the different sides, you may have to cut the joints apart. Sometimes the joints are welded together, and sometimes they are just glued together. To remove the glued frame, apply some force to it. The glue is not strong enough and will break after some pressure. Know that this process is looking slow but believe me. All this effort is worth it. If you have removed all of the sides one by one, apply some caulk remover again and leave it for some time after that, follow the next step.

Removing the Silicon Caulk

The last part is to remove the silicone caulk. To do this process, the caulk must be soaked wet in some caulk remover. After applying the caulk remover, get hold of a scrapper and scrape the crap out of the caulk. It may seem complicated, and your arm may get tired but keep it slow and steady. It is going to take some time. In some parts of the caulk, you may have to use some excessive caulk remover. These are the remains of the old sliding shower door. But keep removing it, and eventually, all of it will come off.

Filling The Imperfections

After completing the removal procedure, the last stem covers any holes and imperfections with some silicone caulk, and just like this, we have removed the old bathtub sliding doors.